Q:Do I need a laptop or desktop to use it?
A:Yes, VEIKK drawing tablet is not a standalone item. It must be connected to a laptop/desltop to work. It is compatible with Windows  OS 11/10/8/7 or later, Mac OS 10.12 or later,Linux OS and Chrome OS 88 or later. And Most VEIKK drawing tablets also can work with Android 6.0 or later mobile phone. 

Q:Where can I get the driver?
A:You can download VEIKK driver from our official website: www.veikk.com

Q:Will this tablet work with major drawing/degisn software? 
A:Yes,VEIKK drawing tablet is compatible with many major softwares, such as  Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk sketchbook, Sai, Corel Painter, MediBang Paint, Clip Studio, Krita, Zbrush,Blender and more.

Q:Is there some free drawing/design software to use?
A:Yes, there are some free softwares like Gimp, Medibang, Inskape etc, you can have a try .

Q:Does it work with Microsoft whiteboard?
A:Yes, it does support work with Microsoft whiteboard!

Q:Does it work with OneNote?
A:Yes, it works well with OneNote.

Q:Can I use it for online teaching? I'm a teacher and I'd like to know if i can use it during my interactive learning through zoom? 
A:Yes,VEIKK drawing tablet not only can be used for drawing,but also can be applied to the remote education. It's like a replacement of the mouse, and you can also write on it. It is available to interact with your students through zoom.

Q:Does this come with a warranty? What should I do if I have any problem during using it?
A:All VEIKK Graphics tablets come with one year warranty and lifetime technical support.If you have any problems with VEIKK drawing tablets, please go to our official web for online help. Anyway, Customer’s satisfaction is most important thing for us.

Q:Does VEIKK drawing tablets support pen tilt?
A:Yes, all VEIKK drawing tablets support pen tilt

Q:Is this tablet suitable for left-hander to use?
A:Yes,All VEIKK drawing tablets are suitablet for both right or left-hander to use, you can set it on VEIKK Driver for it.

Q:Are there drivers for Chrome OS and Android OS?
A:There is no driver for Chrome OS and Android OS device, you can plug and play it.

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