Touchpad for a dynamic experience

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1. Feel every unique touch moment.Comes with a unique touch pad and 4 touch keys. lf you are younger or who prefer modern design,the A30 drawing pad is the right one that will provide you with a perfect difference touch experience and stable performance.
2. 10 x 6 inch large working area, which provides more space for art creation.
3. USB-C port that allows to plug in and out in either direction, which is more convenient and stable.
4. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Chrome OS and Linux.You can start your artwork with A30 in most software likeAdobe Photoshop, SAl, Adobe lllustrator, Corel Painter, Clip StudioSketchBook, MediBang Zbrush, Krita, Gimp, etc.
5. 8192 professional levels pressure sensitivity and 60° tilt function provides exquisite strokes and makes the lines smoother and natural. The battery-free pen allows you constantly uninterrupted drawing, no battery, and no need to charge.
Touchpad for a dynamic experience
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